The need to establish and maintain the functioning of e-government in the Rus-sian Federation

Udachin Nikita Olegovich

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Moscow, Russian Federation

Annotation: In Russia, the quality of services to citizens in ICT does not meet the stated requirements. There is little widespread use of ICT in their work and daily life skills and computer literacy of civil servants is also insufficient, and the domestic sphere of information technologies continues to be dependent on the supply of foreign products. Besides all the above should also be noted the low level of legal protection of intellectual property.

Ключевые слова: e-government, development of EG, government.

Библиографическое описание: Udachin N.O. THE NEED TO ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN THE FUNCTIONING OF E-GOVERNMENT IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION [Текст] // Право и проблемы функционирования современного государства: сборник материалов 12-й международной научно-практической конференции (г. Махачкала, 18 января, 2015 г.) - Махачкала: Издательство "Апробация", 2015 — C.82-83

In Russia, there are several problems hindering the development of EG. The effectiveness of the implementation of the Federal Program "Information Society" remains low

In the '90s Clinton Presidential Administration began to develop e-government in the United States. A systematic approach to development, which included reducing bureaucratic costs and avoiding excessive state functions.

In Russia, the sector of information and communication technologies have become interested and actively develop only from 2000's. In the years 2000- 2008 the annual growth of the industry was 25%, significantly higher than growth in other sectors and the average annual growth rate of gross domestic product.

The federal government United States has no more power in relation to the municipalities and the state, as an exception can be identified cases when the binding is through grants. In this investigation focuses on a strong information policy and on the analysis of the preparation of the authorities to the implementation and use of innovative technologies and IT projects. At low preparation of program targeted at increasing the elimination of weaknesses, which include borrowing decisions, various trainings and accumulation fund.

In Russia, the basis of normative - legal basis for the development of VC Program "Information Society". The program is formed in accordance with an innovative scenario of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, the definition of the concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020. Activities of the program in Russia implemented within four routines. "Information and telecommunications infrastructure and the information society services provided based on it" - provides information society development in technical and technological terms. "Information Environment" - is designed to solve the problems in the media to prevent the spread of information gap, ensuring the right of citizens' access to services provided through ICT and the expansion and modernization of the forms of providing information to citizens. "Security in the Information Society" - performs the functions of state control and supervision over the implementation of the Programme, in particular through the creation of information security and their subsequent monitoring and maintenance. "Information State" - provides access of citizens and organizations to the services provided through ICT, which allows to reach a new level of the citizens of the state and municipal services and information about the results of their activities.

An important feature of the control EPO in the United States is the Board of Directors of IT branch of the Federal Ministry (CIO), whose work is very important for the development and implementation of the development strategy of VC in the country

In order to solve the existing problems of the authors consider it appropriate to form a Center for Information - communication development, the state executive body, which will ensure that the unified information - communication policy in Russia and coordinate activities in this area and other federal bodies of executive power. In carrying out its functions, the Centre will interact with other executive authorities - federal, authorities of the Federation, local authorities and public associations and other organizations. The composition of this body will include IT - Director of each of the federal ministries. This would allow for a common policy on the implementation and development of IT - technology in government agencies. Due to the interaction with educated structural subdivisions of the Centre in each subject of the Russian Federation, will be possible to solve the problem of heterogeneity of conduction electrons in them. By analogy with the laws of the United States is expected to improve the regulatory - legal framework on public service with a view to more effective interaction between business and government in the field of ICT. In particular, the involvement of qualified IT - specialists from the commercial sphere and vice versa - training of civil servants in the commercial IT - companies.

In this paper, a comparative analysis of e-government in Russia and the United States. Based on a detailed analysis of FTP, statistics and study of different sources on the subject, the authors identified the main problems of development of VC in Russia. A comparative analysis of EPO in the Russian Federation and the United States identified the main directions in solving the problems. One of the main obstacles to the development of VC in Russia is weak development of ICT. In this regard, an analysis of the activities of one of the countries - leaders in ICT development - United States.



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